Hula Hoop Hen Parties & Weddings

Hula hoop hen parties!

1) Family interactive entertainment

2) Themed cabaret performance with a twist

3)Walkabout performance/entertainment

4) Children's hula play area/discos

1)Family interactive entertainment comprises a dedicated hula hoop area, with a wide range of adult and children's hula hoops.  A member of staff provides demonstrations and tuition and
supervises play.  Activities include hula hoop tricks, competitions, games and hula hoop den building.  A portable PA system with appropriate music is also provided, and a custom playlist can be arranged if desired.  Fee is £100 per hour or part thereof.  This is a fun and engaging activity for all ages - it is often the adults who spend even more time hula hooping than the parents!  Ideal as an outdoor activity, this can be accommodated indoors in a large hall.
2) Cabaret performance comprises a costumed performance tailored to the theme of the wedding, with single and multiple, or LED hula hoops.  The performance will last for 3-5 minutes.  The fee for a single performance starts at  £150. For additional shows, waiting time between performances is chargeable £50 per hour or part thereof. There must be a minimum of 30 minutes between performances.  This is a highly stylised and polished style of entertainment and adds the wow factor to any event.
A popular twist is to have a 'trojan horse' performance, where I will masquerade as a guest or staff, and when the 'performer' fails to show or is injured, I step in and the show must go on! As a variation on this, I masquerade as staff or guest, and when a hoop suddenly rolls into me, I pick it up and the show starts there.
Themes can be tailored to your event and include:
  • Great Gatsby

    Hula hoop stack in Digbeth

    Hula hoop stack in Digbeth

  • Cosplay
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Fire & Ice
  • Wild Animal
  • Circus
  • 1950s/Rock n Roll
  • Showgirl
  • Venetian Masquerade
  • Burlesque
  • Hollywood
  • Black & White
  • Beach Party
  • Hula Girl/Tiki Party
  • Winter Wonderland


3) Walkabout performance/entertainment comprises costumed walkabout freestyle performance.  The fee starts at £100 per hour or part thereof, including a 5 minute break per 15 minutes.  This style of performance is much more personal and allows for engagement and interaction with guests, and lets your guests see tricks and hoop illusions close up - and even try for  themselves!  An ideal choice for any event that involves a period of waiting round for guests.


4)The children's hula play area/disco is a supervised hula hoop free play area for children of all ages.  Children are entertained with demonstrations, den building, hoop games, freedom to play, and they can learn tricks to impress their friends if they want to. The fee is £150 per hour.