Birmingham MIND and hula hooping for physical and mental wellbeing

Bimingham MINDI am thrilled to be able to provide hula hoop classes for physical and mental wellbeing at the Birmingham MIND Beechcroft Wellbeing Centre in Erdington.  Readers of this blog will know that I am passionate about promoting the benefits of physical activity (in particular hula hooping!) for physical and mental health, so I was particularly excited to be able to bring hula hooping to the Beechcroft Wellbeing Centre.

What I learned on visiting the centre, which I hadn't realised before, was what a wealth of support and services were on offer by Birmingham MIND at various locations around Birmingham. They  promote wellbeing and recovery, provide high quality support and challenge the stigma of mental distress.


As well as person centred support, which allows service users to be in control of their own lives, services and support offered includes:

  • Accommodation with support
  • Partnership services
  • Residential care
  • Support in your own home
  • Wellbeing and recovery service

My hula hooping class falls under the remit of the wellbeing and recovery service - you can download their 2016 Wellbeing and Recovery Timetable here.  It is updated every two months with new sessions, including cookery, creative writing, nature walks, film nights, mindfullness, coping skills courses, hula hoop classes and much much more.

Accessing the services require completion of an Access form, as well as an Identifying Support Needs form.  Birmingham MIND supports individuals who want to support and improve their mental wellbeing. You do not need to be referred to their services through a professional (such as your GP or CPN), you don’t have to have a mental health diagnosis.

There is an open afternoon, every Tuesday 1.30pm – 4pm at the Beechcroft Wellbeing Centre in Erdington.  You can meet the staff team and people who use the service, find out what's on offer and complete an application form if you decide you would like to access the service.

Beechcroft Wellbeing Centre
Rear of 501 Slade Road
B23 7JG

Tel: 0121 237 3761

If you are interested in getting involved and  supporting Birmingham MIND, see their website here to donate, fundraise, volunteer, work or become involved as a service user.





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