Beginners Hula Hooping 6 Week Course (Harborne)


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❤Revolutionary Fitness❤Retro Fun❤
6 Weeks, from Friday 15th September until Friday 20th October, starting at 7pm. All hoops provided to use in class, and available to buy in class for $20.
Come and have fun, learn hula hooping, hoop tricks, meet new people and get fit at the same time - it is so much fun and such a great workout! This is a 6 week course where you will learn to hoop on different parts of the body, learn tricks and transitions, and learn to link different moves together to music.
After the course, you can move onto my hula hoop fitness sessions, the Level 2 course, or a twin hooping course, and attend one off workshops focusing on specific moves or body parts.
Rachel is a professional hula hoop performer and instructor and fitness instructor, as seen on TV on Children in Need, the Chrissy B Show and Channel 5, who has taught hundreds of people to hoop - most of them certain that they wouldn't be able to do it. But everyone can hula hoop!
What they say about hoop class:
“”Trim that waist, tone those thighs and arms and lift that bum, while having the best fun ever! Rachel is an inspirational, patient, skilled hooper and instructor who loves her art and loves sharing it. I recommend you all give it a go!” C Stewart
“I just wanted to let you know that shortly after you were on the show, I got myself a hoop and have been hooping since and absolutely LOVE it!...You're right it's a great workout! Thanks so much for sharing the hoop love!“ Chrissy B, presenter of the Chrissy B Show.
Why is hula hooping so good for you?
-it is a fantastic cardio workout
-it sculpts and tones your whole body
-it improves flexibility, balance and co-ordination
-it is suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes
-it is so much fun!


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