Hula Hoop Workshops

hula hoop chest rolls

You can book a Spinsonic hula hoop workshop at your own event - below are examples of my most popular stand alone workshops.

These workshops are ideally suited to family or community fun days, brownies, guides, beavers and scouts, school holiday clubs, festivals, wellbeing events, holistic therapy retreats and any event you want to have an injection of fun, music and laughter.

Each workshop will be run by at least one experienced instructor with full public liability insurance and holding a current DBS certificate.  A portable PA system will be provided with an appropriate playlist which can be customised to your event.

A wide range of hula hoops suitable for all ages and levels of experience will also be provided.


  • Choreography workshop
  • 1 - 2 hr Family Fun Workshop - hula hooping basics, partner hooping, den building and hula hoop games.
  • Feelgood Fitness Hula Hooping for Adults - a fun fitness session incorporating basic hula hoop moves for a cardio, toning and resistance workout.
  • Family Feelgood Fitness Workshop - a fun fitness session that is aimed at families improving their fitness through hula hoop play together
  • Hula Discos, 1-3 hour discos for either adults, children or both. Hoops provided, and age appropriate playlist. A DJ & catering available as an add on
  • ​1 hr Adult Introduction to Hula Hooping workshop - a structured 1 hour workshop incorporating a variety of on and off body hula hoop moves that combine into a short routine at the end of the session
  • 6/8 Week Beginners Hula Hooping course - a structured 6/8 week beginners course covering a foundation of hula hooping on and off body moves and flow development
  • Hula Hoop Magic Tricks Workshop - on and off body stand alone trick workshop, for the wow factor ricks
  • Bodyrolling Badassery - an advanced 1 hour workshop focusing on body roll variations. Suitable for hula hoopers comfortable with a basic chest roll and back roll
  • Dance and Flow Workshop, focusing on hand, arm and footwork; transitions between moves, moving with the hoop and using rhythm and speed as hooping punctuation.
  • Twintastic! A 1 -2 hour workshop covering the basics of twin hooping - useful drills, basic moves, twin tricks and development of twins flow