HARBORNE: Introduction to Hula Hooping 6 Week Course

Join me for a 6 week Introduction to Hula Hooping Course, at Moor Pool Hall, The Circle, Harborne B17 9DY. You think you can't hula hoop? YOU CAN! Everyone can hula hoop! First we will find the right (adult sized!) hoop, learn the body positioning and technique...and wait and see what you are capable of - you will be amazed!

Hula Hoop Workshops

Hula hoop for physical and mental health

Hula hooping is a fantastic cardio workout, but not only that, it tones and strengthens muscle, improves balance, posture, flexibility, co-ordination - and is so much fun! You willl leave class hot, sweaty, and with a big smile on your face.

Beginning on Friday 10th February, from 7.30-8.30pm you will learn how to keep the hoop up around your waist, chest, and hands, learn how to move it to different parts of the body, and how to transition between moves - as well as learning some amazing tricks to show off with!


What previous students say about hoop class

"Start hooping, you will not regret it. Good for mind, body and soul. Rachel is a fantastic teacher and never makes you feel silly. She knows how hard simple looking moves are and will support you throughout. It's like joining a happy family."

"Trim that waist, tone those thighs and arms and lift that bum, while having the best fun ever! Rachel is an inspirational, patient, skilled hooper and instructor who loves her art and loves sharing it.  I recommend you all give it a go!"

At the end of the 6 weeks, you might want to continue hooping as a workout, and you can join the hula hooperobics sessions, or you may want to explore hoopdance and circus tricks, and you could join my weekly tricks and hoopdance social club. Or you could just enjoy practicing at home!  If there is enough interest, classes will continue on Friday evenings, either as a drop in class or  beginners and intermediate courses.

The 6-week block costs just £40 payable in advance.   Places are limited to 12 people, so reserve your spot now! The course begins on Friday 10th February, running every Friday from 7.30-8.30pm until the final class on Friday 17th March.

All hula hoops are provided for use in class, and if you want to buy one of your own, I make professional adult hoops to order in your favourite colours.

If you are unable to make a class, we cannot offer make-up sessions unfortunately. However I have free online tutorials of what we cover in each class that will be made available to all participants after each session, so you can catch up online and be ready for the next week.  Refunds cannot be issued unfortunately.


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