Choosing a Hula Hoop


Custom Hula Hoops

Custom Hula Hoops

Hula hooping is an amazing core workout, and so much fun.  I teach weekly hula hoop classes and workshops at festivals and community events, and my favourite part of teaching people to hoop is the huge smile that appears on every hoopers face as soon as they realise that they CAN do it! So many new hoopers tell me they thought they could never do it, and even as a child had never been able to do it.  So what's the secret? You need the right size hula hoop!

 Beginner Hula Hoops

For a beginner hula hoop, size matters! The bigger it is, the heavier it is, and the easier it is to learn to hoop with and to begin to learn tricks – the bigger it is the longer time you have to get your body or hands into position. When you move onto tricks and throws you may find a lighter hoop easier – especially when your tricks involve rolling the hoop towards your face.  Personal experience has taught me that.  It has also taught me not to wear my glasses when practicing tricks!

Most beginners will start with a 37″ – 44″ diameter hula hoop, which is 25mm tubing, depending on your size.  It should come to around your belly button, but if you have a strong core already you may want a hoop that falls below your belly button by an inch or two.  If you are a larger build you may want a hoop that is an inch or two above your belly button.  If possible, try and attend a hoop class or hoop jam where you will be able to try a range of different size hoops and find the perfect size for you.

Dance Hoops/Intermediate Hula Hoops

These are thinner, and lighter, usually 20mm tubing and less than 38″.  These are great for tricks, throws, and faster hooping as they are much lighter. They are also great for older children to use.

Polypro/Advanced Hula Hoops

These are so light,fast and responsive! They are fantastic for tricks and performances but much harder to hoop with! Once you get used to them though, you won’t want to use anything else! Especially when your tricks involve rolling the hoop towards your face – terrifying with a heavier hoop and still scary with a polypro. Polypro is light enough to be great for small children (although expensive!)