How hula hooping can affect your body language

I was watching this TED talk the other day, about how you body language shapes who you are.  It really got me thinking. There are so many anecdotes and testimonials from hoopers about how hula hooping makes them feel confident, free, alive, like the best version of themselves, and how hooping […]

Happy Hooping!

Spinsonic Hoops on TV! 

  I’m going to be on 5* next Tuesday at 8pm, on Stripdate, as the contestants have a hula hooping date! It was so much fun to film, can’t wait to tune in on Tuesday to see how they got on!   

Three life lessons that hula hooping has taught me

There are  lessons I have learned about hula hooping that relate to so much more than the act of hula hooping.  Here are three lessons that I learned from my hula hooping activities that have had an impact on the rest of my life.   1) When a task, a  plan, a […]

Spinsonic hula hooping video in Digbeth, Birmingham

Check out my new video, filmed at the Custard Factory and surrounding area in Digbeth, Birmingham.  The music is Bella Belle, by the Electric Swing Circus available on iTunes here.  They are a 6 piece electro-swing band from Birmingham fusing the best of 20s swing with dirty, awesome, electro beats.  They […]

Hula Hooping in Oldbuy at the Christmas Lights Switch On

5 Ways to Support a Healthy (Hooping) Lifestyle

Taking up hula hooping in 2013 was the catalyst for a number of beneficial changes to my lifestyle.  The physical changes that that making healthy choices has had has been astounding.  My energy levels have rocketed.  My skin which was previously tired, dull, and prone to rashes and spots is […]

7 Tips for New Hula Hoop Performers

7 tips for new hula hoop performers Getting started as a hula hoop performer is exciting, and scary, and glittery, and hard work! I have performed at private parties, burlesque shows, festivals, street parades, carnivals, street entertainment, and even retirement homes.  I love performing and feel so very lucky to […]

Hula hoops - when it all goes wrong!

3M Grip Tape

3M grip tape – what’s the big deal anyway?

3M grip tape has been a game changer for many hula hoopers.  What’s the big deal anyway? Before 3M, I had always used gaffer grip tape, and have experimented with sanding and surf wax – and being a happily obsessed hoop nerd I couldn’t wait to try 3M tape out. […]

Hoops Rock! Hula Hooping Fairies at the St. Giles Hospice Solstice Walk Party

Hoops Rock! brought all the hoops to the St. Giles Hospice Solstice Walk party for hula hoop taster sessions and a hula hoop disco! It was a fantastic evening, and the walkers went on to raise over £100,000!

Why do people say that hula hooping is such good all round exercise for all ages and fitness levels?

Why do people say that hula hooping is such good all round exercise for all ages and fitness levels?   With hula hooping you get a cardio workout, you develop muscle, tone and sculpt your body, you improve balance and flexibility, and many hoopers report that they find their sel […]