Yearly Archives: 2014

Silencing The Inner Critic

I used to hate the though of uploading videos of my hooping. I look so crap! All the mistakes! The face pulling! I watch myself, and criticise and hate on me. I’m a Mean Girl! When I watch others hoop videos I just think how awesome they are – why […]

Hoop Flow – How To Get It Flowing!

One of the hardest things in your development as a hooper is allowing your natural style, or flow, to come out when you hoop.  It seems a lot of hoopers go through the same stages when starting out – learning to basic hoop, the flush of love, and even obsession, […]

An extra large hoop for meditation/relaxation: it’s amazing! Step away from the polypros!

I am a confirmed polypro addict.  I hadn’t used a large beginner hoop for a long time, and even then it was a 40 incher (and I loved it so much!) But recently I have had a lot of orders for larger hoops (44″+) and as I always do, when […]

I’m getting out of a music rut, and it’s all thanks to hooping!

  I had been stuck in a musical rut for ages, listening to the same old stuff I always listen to, not moving out of funk/soul/reggae, but since playing The Hooping Game and getting challenged to hoop to songs of someone else’s choice, that i would never normally hear, I […]

Warning: Hooping can seriously help your self confidence!

I am not a confident person. I am a hopeless introvert in fact. I love being alone, apart from hooping my hobbies are reading and knitting. I don’t like parties, large groups of people and definitely do not want to be the centre of attention! So when I uploaded my […]